Fans sometimes asked why U2 singer Bono wears colorful spectacles, although this is occasionally owing to the uncomfortable state of the eyes. 

Bono is exposing some of his secrets on a desert island DVD. U2 Frontman Bono is a guest on this week's BBC Classic radio program Desert Island Disc.

Guests dive deeper into the main aspects of their life, the history of their incredible professions, the intimate nuances that make them who they are and why they chose songs to travel with them on a desolate desert island.

The worldwide singer is noted for her strong vocals for iconic U2 tunes, such as With or Without You, I Still Have Not Found What I'm Looking For and Sunday Bloody Sunday.

In the past, Bono has spoken about his eye issue and “brush with death”Bono eventually disclosed why he wears his tinted spectacles in 2014, stating it was for glaucoma.

He was promoting his free internet album Song of Innocence with his bandmates on The Graham Norton Show.

The musician says: "This is an excellent spot to persuade people that I have been suffering from glaucoma for the previous 20 years. I have fantastic care and I will heal."

Glaucoma is a common eye ailment that may lead to loss of vision if left untreated and is "generally caused by fluid collection in the front of the eye, which raises the pressure within the eye."

It may affect persons of various ages, but is most typically noticed in adults in their 70s and 80s Bono then stated sarcastically: "Now it will not come out of your mind and you will think, 'Ah, poor old blind Bono'."

Bono’s glaucoma is not the only health concern that has alarmed fans in recent years, as she previously spoke out to NME about a brush with death.

Health worries were regarded a source of inspiration for the album Song of Experience, published in 2017.