All Android 12 phones are now supported by Google's Switch to Android app.

With the help of the free iOS software, switching to Android is made simple by transferring crucial information like your iPhone contacts and calendar entries.

The app was first made available by Google earlier this year, but it was only compatible with Pixel phones.

This software is essential if you're switching from an iPhone to a new Android smartphone since it supports all Android 12 phones.

By presenting a QR code on the iPhone, the Switch to Android app starts a transfer process that transfers photographs, videos, contacts, and calendar events.

Instead of using a cable to connect two phones, data may be shared wirelessly; however, the cable alternative is quicker and better suited to downloading big files like films and images.

The app even supports transferring WhatsApp messages. 

You'll be asked to open WhatsApp so that the whole history of your conversations, photographs, and voice messages may be transferred across.

And, if you’re switching from an iPhone to an Android phone instead, there’s an app for that.

Since 2015, Apple has made its own Move to iOS software accessible to assist Android users in making the transfer to iOS.