Money in the Bank 2022 Liv Morgan champion.

Finally Liv Morgan declared to be the world champion. 

The World of WWE Universe celebrated Liv Morgan’s success "Money in the Bank 2022" on Saturday night.

Liv Morgan claims to be the champion by defeating Ronda Rossi by his own strength.

On behalf of the men, none of the superstars advertised at the main event claimed the briefcase because that honor went to a dazzling entrant.

Conundrum eliminated Rollins from the situation with the super RKO from the stepping stool.

The triumph was nearly his, however Theory sneaked in without a second to spare and got the satchel. Contenders line their bodies with a few huge spots.

It was a turbulent coordinate with numerous solid contenders. It most likely wouldn't descend as the greatest cash in the bank stepping stool match, however it was loads of tomfoolery.

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