Polar Bear barely glides by Best Movie Review

Celebrity voice-over is provided by Katherine Kinar, whose clarity and tenderness lend themselves well to the story.

With nothing new in the movies this week, it's time to commemorate the end of Earth Month, our annual highlight on nature documentaries.

Polar beers are best when Harry Gregson-Williams breathtaking scenes and delicious scores are released. 

This is not Disney's first nature documentary about bears - their speculative title Bears (2012) centers on Grizzly Bears in Alaska, and the 2017-born Chinese panda bear is featured as one of their main characters.

Heck, Polar Bear was one of their main plot lines at Earth in 2009, the movie that launched the new Disneynature brand in the first place.

Sometimes some shots are a little more intense than usual, including a brief moment of eating a whale and being a baby of two polar bears.

As a complete movie, the work of the brilliant camera takes turns working on the overall concept. But it also serves as an integrated whole.