Blue Jacket: The Blue Jacket, or Vapiersenwah (c. 1743 - 1810), was a warlord of the Shaoni public, 

known for his assailant protections on the Shaoni place where there is the Ohio country.

Presumably the really American Indian forerunner in the Northwest Indian War, where a Pantribal Confederate infant battled a few conflicts with the United States, 

he was a significant ancestor of the popular Shawni pioneer Tecumseh.

Why is Columbus called the Blue Jackets? The Blue Jackets name was chosen in light of the fact that the name gives recognition to Ohio's commitments to American history and the extraordinary pride and 

positive energy showed by its residents, particularly during the Civil War as both the province of Ohio and the city of Columbus were altogether persuasive on the Union Army.

What is blue jacket famous for? Guard of Shawnee lands in the Ohio Country; military authority in the Northwest Indian War.

Battled in Dunmore's War, American Revolutionary War (aligned with the British), Battle of the Wabash and Battle of Fallen Timbers; marked the Treaty of Greenville, Treaty of Fort Industry

Is a blue jacket a bee? The "Blue Jackets" epithet honors Ohio's commitments to the Civil War. It doesn't have anything to do with a bug. 

 when the city of Columbus discovered that it would get a group in 1997, it cooperated with Wendy's eateries on a naming challenge.

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