Car Gurus

Car Gurus is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based automotive research and shopping website that assists users in comparing local listings for used and new cars and contacting sellers.

CarGurus is an automobile website that lists new, certified pre-owned, and used cars for sale. The classifieds also include ads from individual owners and dealers.

CarGurus is pronounced as a single word, rhyming with "kangaroos". The stock price is $25.79 +1.03 (+4.16%).

Is Carguru legit? CarGurus is a reliable resource for finding vehicle values and additional unbiased research. 

CarGurus doesn't have a physical inventory, which means you'll just be put in contact with nearby dealerships. You can get pre-qualified for financing online before visiting a dealership.

According to specific data, vehicles on CarGurus sell 16 percent faster than on Autotrader and 22 percent faster than on

Furthermore, when reviewing inventory on CarGurus, adding one of these second listing sites had no effect and only lowered the average days on market for inventory by 6%.