Why McDonald’s USA droping official Camp lineup and What is a Grimace Float? How does mcdonald's works online?

McDonald’s USA new release Its online official "Camp McDonald’s" lineup via a press release was on June 30, 2022, promising "food deals, menu gets."

For the "well performances and merchandise drops"—it was very, very good, including the much sought-after Retro Grimace Pool Float.

Different kinds of prizes are available on different days for the everyone. Altogether, the schedule of events runs over 27 days.

McDonald’s is inviting for all new customers to "mark your calendars." The corporation "has your time pass to the event this summer," the press release says.

Here’s a breakdown of how to take part in Camp McDonald’s, plus all information relating to the various limited-edition merchandise items available,

The McDonald’s press new release doesn’t reveal very much, but what some of people are calling a "Grimace Float" is actually a pool float.

McDonald's Land is one of the best fantasy world settings the fast food chain used in its TV and print ads between 1971 and 2003.

It’s only available today for the summer region (Tuesday, July 5, 2022) and tomorrow (Wednesday, July 6, 2022). 

The McDonald’s website lists its "drop date" as July 5, but McDonald's new notes that it is available on both July 5 and July 6. Its drop time was 12 p.m. EST.